Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pottery with Batya

Batya's Apprentice

We had a great day with Tzfat Artist Batya Erdstein  She offers a family workshop and was fantastic with all ages from preschooler through adult, not an easy feat!  Batya brought out the clay and plopped it on the center of the wheel.  She showed how to center the clay and how to shape it.  Everyone had a great time and made several pieces of pottery.  After the pieces air dried, they were painted with a red clay paint.  Batya also has a nice selection of kiln fired glazed pottery for sale and I bought a beautiful dish to put chumous in.  Definately worth a visit!

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  1. How I miss doing pottery. I have some handmade ceramic candlesticks that I got from my cousins as a wedding present - I wonder which potter in the Galil made them.

    I could stay with her for a month. Maybe a year.